We  are experts at troubleshooting  and identifying potential problems with pool equipment’s and pumps we repair 90% on site.

Sometimes we have to bring your equipment back to the workshop where we have a comprehensive work station, that allows us to diagnose pumps, chlorinators and robotic cleaners and provide a quote prior to repairing.

REPAIRS:   Our aim is to repair if possible and replace if we cannot. We specialise in repairing your equipment to get the maximum life out of it and have a few tricks up our sleeve to do so. When the time comes to say farewell to you beloved piece of equipment we have a wide range of new gear to get you going again.

PUMPS:  We only stock proven, reliable brands to give you valve for money. Pumps that have proven themselves over the years to out perform the others. In recent years energy efficient pumps have become more common. These pumps can save up to 70% on electrical running cost helping to reduce your electricity bill.

FILTERS:   Sand filters, Cartridge filters, DE Filters. We have them all. Every brand so suit your pool needs. Our helpful staff can assist you to get the right one.

CHLORINATORS:   A good working chlorinator will keep your pool sparkling clear. We carry a range of chlorinators from leading brands like Evolution and Noria.

POOL CLEANERS:   Talk to us about a cleaner to best suit you pool. We have a wide selection of suction and robotic pool cleaners from brands like Pentair, Dolphin Maytronics and Kreepy Crauly. We also have a range of spare parts for Baracuda, Zodiac and Hayward.

HEATING:    Extend your summer with heating options like Solar, Gas and Heat pumps. Did you know that you can heat your pool to approx. 27 degrees all year round with a heat pump and a blanket for under $1000 (50000L). Heat pumps are very reliable and come with 10 year+ warranties. And solar is even cheaper. Contact us to arrange a free quote

Our friendly team is always happy to provide advice on pool and spa equipment. We can teach you all about your equipment and provide ongoing maintenance and repairs. Whether you’re new to pool ownership, have just taken over managing a holiday resort of you’re looking for Gold Coast pool equipment repairs Tallai Pools are here to help.